Un raid Aventure 100% féminin !



A competition made for women, the Trophée Roses des Sables follows the tradition of the grand African rallies. Every day, the participants start the race on a 4WD, a ROV, a quad or a motorcycle, and follow the Moroccan tracks thanks to their Road Book and their compass. Their goal is to reach the arrival arch, following as carefully as possible the established route (but not as fast as possible). Along the stage, they will have to pass through control points (the famous CP), where race commissionaires wait for them. Each CP should be validated in order to win the race; one missed CP will probably mean a dropdown in the ranking.

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The Trophée Roses des Sables is not a speed race (time counters are not used to establish the race results), but it is an orientation race. When in the middle of the desert, there are three different tracks in front of you, reading the road book carefully is essential and not that easy…. The pilots will have to show their talent when defying the wet and soft wadis and of course in front of the feared but eagerly awaited dunes. After the daily race, the Roses relax in the organized bivouacs or in the hotels on the days of departure and arrival.

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Accessible to all

In order to participate in this competition, you just need to build a team with a pilot and a co-pilot to drive a 4WD or a Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROVs). The members must be at least 18 years old and must hold a valid drivers’ licence. The candidates to the adventure « solo » have the possibility to drive a motorcycle or a quad. No matter if you are a rookie or an expert of 4WD, the Trophée Roses des Sables is accessible to all. For those who wish, the organisation proposes 2 days training sessions to get used to driving on tracks or just to refresh the memories!

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An adventure with social impact

The philosophy of the Trophée and its goal is to allow thanks to realistic financing, any woman to participate in an international competition endowed with a strong benevolent dimension. The trunks are not only filled with technical gear. Each year, the Roses carry dozens of tones of equipment for disadvantaged children of Southern Morocco.

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Organisation @en ROSES and Eco-Responsible Solidarity action Winners Enfants du Désert

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It is still possible to participate in the 2017 edition of the 17th Trophée Roses des Sables!

Join the women who have already signed up for the 17th edition and benefit from the advice of a personal coach. Together, you will be able to plan a personalized preparation. Do you have a very busy schedule? Do you think you do not have enough time for the preparation? We have the solutions!

Contact us for more information!

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Want to join the Rose Community and be part of the 2017 Edition?

Complete the 2017 pre-registration form!
Upon receipt of the form and your deposit of € 400:

  • You will receive your team number
  • A blog on behalf of your team will be created
  • You will be able to access the files and tools section and upload the sponsor booklet, partnership agreements, 2017 poster, crew logo, preparation file, 2016 best photographs and purchase orders for financing items
  • A Désertours coach will be assigned to you. He will be with you throughout your preparation to help you gather the necessary financing, guide you in finding partners and organizing fundraising activities.
  • You will receive a welcome package including posters and a DVD
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2017 Edition

The 16th edition of the Trophée Roses des Sables will take place from 12 to 23 October 2016. All crews 4×4, quad bike and SSV will soon travel the 5000km under the raodbook. A 100% female rally from African rally-raid. A roadbook navigation and compass, where the notion of speed is completely excluded. They will start to Biarritz on October 12 after their technical and administrative checks, for a rally in the first time the city of Algeciras.

Once completed the crossing of the Gibraltar Strait by boat, they begin their descent from Tangier to the gates of the desert. Six stages await including a marathon stage, 48 hours autonomy, and a step of crossing dunes. Every evening, the Roses will return to their bivouac tent sleeps, showers, toilets, meals and they will even have the luxury of being consulted and massaged by osteopaths team. Every night they want to miss the briefing by the Race Director Jean-Jacques Rey.

They will face Morocco’s desert tracks aboard their vehicles under control of the PC Course. A tag trackera each apparatus through the installation made beforehand in the vehicle cabin.

Roses do not roam the desert with blinders on, they will be able to hand their gifts, hygiene materials, child care and also meet the children they marrainent on the occasion of the Solidarity Day. A day dedicated to the meeting with the local population organized by the association Children of the desert. Roses are also in solidarity with the French Red Cross and the association Breast Cancer let’s talk!

You perceive only in photographs taken during the race, but Désertours is surrounded by a hundred people to ensure the finest rally, the most beautiful adventure to all those women ready to meet the craziest challenges: Trophy Roses of the sand. Roses benefit from assistance throughout the race, 24h / 24h, whether mechanical, medical or logistics.

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Before you make your dream come true and before you take part in the Trophée Roses des Sables’ history, we invite you to discover the brand new presentation movie of the greatest 100% feminine adventure.

A few minutes are not enough to sum up this extraordinary journey, but you will be able to enjoy a preview of what’s ahead of you.

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So many different types of women have joined the rally that it seems obvious to say that, no matter if you are a novice or a trained pilot, the Trophée Roses des Sables is accessible to all, hundreds of women have proved it. You only need to ask yourself one question: « Do I want to do it ? ». What will follow, will not always be easy, but you can be sure of one thing: this adventure will be exceptional and definitely worth the efforts.

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