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The solidarity rally-raid made for women in Morocco

Since 2001, the Trophée Roses des Sables gathers teams of women during this orienteering race that follows the pure tradition of the African rally-raids. On board of their 4WD, SSV or solo with their motorcycles / quads, these women follow the tracks thanks to a roadbook and a compass during the daily stages, respecting the different mandatory check points (CP as we call them).

In Southern Morocco, different stages follow one another: orienteering stages, dunes crossing stages, and the traditional marathon stage during which the participants live in autonomy for two days. They offer the Roses the opportunity to discover this fabulous and unique country. Speed is not a criterion; the final ranking is based on the orienteering skills of the participants only.

In order to participate in this solidarity and athletic race that promotes the well-being of the children of the region, the only thing you need to do is to form a team of two, a pilot and a co-pilot and to hold a valid driving licence! From beginners to experts, hundreds of women have proved already that the Trophée Roses des Sables adventure is accessible to all.

The Trophée Roses des Sables is a challenge that all of you can face, it is a rite of passage and a strong personal experience. In a place where time seems to have stopped, it offers to the women who participate the chance to get to know themselves better far from their daily lives' routine.

You feel tempted by the concept and the challenge of the Trophée Roses des Sables? You are ready to be part of the Roses community; you just need to fill the pre-registration document on-line!

Roses testimonies

  • Les Déserteuses #127 - 2019
    "It is a real chance to participate and live this adventure! Pure happiness, letting go, meetings, surpassing oneself, solidarity, ... a relationship and a sharing of pilot / co-pilot engraved for life "It was a dream really, I realized it and I am proud of it! The emotions remain indescribable. We come back different: I wish everyone could live this adventure!"
    Les Déserteuses #127 - 2019
  • Cap'ô'Sud1 #43 - 2019
    "This is an adventure that touches us deep down: surpassing oneself, beautiful encounters, I will come back for sure! In my heart forever ... to do and do it again."
    Cap'ô'Sud1 #43 - 2019
  • Les Totally Creuse #151 - 2019
    "When we prepare for the rally, we project ourselves, we imagine ... but I was 1000 leagues away from thinking that I was going to live an adventure of such intensity! Everything was great: the race itself, the solidarity and sharing, the Roses, the association Enfants du Désert, the dunes, the breathtaking landscapes, the meetings, the bivouacs ... EVERYTHING! I am rich and strong from what I experienced during these 2 weeks! I exceeded my limits and I left my comfort zone: I felt so alive! Thank you Desertours for allowing women "like everyone else" to live this unique experience! "
    Les Totally Creuse #151 - 2019
  • Clé et Molette #62 - 2019
    "We have been amazed, we would have loved to stay longer!"
    Clé et Molette #62 - 2019
  • Diet'n Roses #177 - 2019
    It was my 3rd participation and I always tell myself that it will be the last ... and in the end, I will be a 4th in 2020 for the 20 years' anniversary!"
    Diet'n Roses #177 - 2019
  • Les Roses de Suisse #53 - 2019
    "The Trophée made me grow and it allowed me to escape from my daily life by living a unique adventure. I got to know myself a little more, and to push my limits. The adventure counts over the entire duration of the preparation. It allowed us to see that people can still gather around a project and be good and generous! The race is just the icing on the cake! "
    Les Roses de Suisse #53 - 2019
  • Les Elfes des dunes #202 - 2019
    An adventure that I wish all women could live at least once in their life !! BEAUTIFUL UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE which we won't forget!!"
    Les Elfes des dunes #202 - 2019

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