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The solidarity rally-raid made for women in Morocco

Since 2001, the Trophée Roses des Sables gathers teams of women during this orienteering race that follows the pure tradition of the African rally-raids. On board of their 4WD, SSV or solo with their motorcycles / quads, these women follow the tracks thanks to a roadbook and a compass during the daily stages, respecting the different mandatory check points (CP as we call them).

In Southern Morocco, different stages follow one another: orienteering stages, dunes crossing stages, and the traditional marathon stage during which the participants live in autonomy for two days. They offer the Roses the opportunity to discover this fabulous and unique country. Speed is not a criterion; the final ranking is based on the orienteering skills of the participants only.

In order to participate in this solidarity and athletic race that promotes the well-being of the children of the region, the only thing you need to do is to form a team of two, a pilot and a co-pilot and to hold a valid driving licence! From beginners to experts, hundreds of women have proved already that the Trophée Roses des Sables adventure is accessible to all.

The Trophée Roses des Sables is a challenge that all of you can face, it is a rite of passage and a strong personal experience. In a place where time seems to have stopped, it offers to the women who participate the chance to get to know themselves better far from their daily lives' routine.

You feel tempted by the concept and the challenge of the Trophée Roses des Sables? You are ready to be part of the Roses community; you just need to fill the pre-registration document on-line!

Roses testimonies

  • Les Penelopes Joli Coeur #223 - Edition 2017
    "We come back thrilled by this unforgettable athletic experience (43rd on 125 teams in the final ranking and 34th in the 4WD category) but also this personal experience with amazing people we met during the stages. We will never forget some of the Roses, and we have been moved by all of them thanks to their determination and commitment; we have understood what it means to surpass ourselves!"
    Les Penelopes Joli Coeur #223 - Edition 2017
  • Les Penelopes Joli Coeur #223 - Edition 2017
    It is not about being the best; it is about being better than yesterday."
    Les Penelopes Joli Coeur #223 - Edition 2017
  • Fairy Tail #144 - Edition 2017
    "When we cross the CP arrival, many feelings appear: relief, pride, and happiness... It feels strange to realize that this is the end, but sadness is not the main feeling, the rally is over but the adventure continues!"
    Fairy Tail #144 - Edition 2017
  • Al-Hurra #9 - Edition 2017
    "You wake up one morning and look around you, with your coffee in one hand and bed sheets marks on your cheeks, and the desire to make something crazy appears in your head. There are moments in your day-to-day life, when you feel like something has to change, you feel like you need to face a new challenge and to surpass yourself. This will to surpass yourself and to push your own boundaries, just to see if anything good could come out of it."
    Al-Hurra #9 - Edition 2017
  • Leger Team #67 - Edition 2017
    "We will remember many things, the incredible landscapes, the solidarity among Roses, the great atmosphere in the bivouac, and the unforgettable blue shovels to get out of the sand. We will never forget last night's bivouac around the campfire."
    Leger Team #67 - Edition 2017
  • Cop'Trotter #48 - Edition 2017
    "We arrived in Tazzarine after the marathon stage, last night among roses; there is a great party in the bivouac. Emotion, pride, happiness, sadness also (it is over), it's a mix of different feelings."
    Cop'Trotter #48 - Edition 2017
  • La Boussole Rose #136 - Edition 2017
    "A team of women for a women's challenge! We recognize ourselves in the values of the Trophée Roses des Sables: 100 % made for women, action, sharing, perseverance, solidarity, help, adventure, empathy..."
    La Boussole Rose #136 - Edition 2017

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