The Club Entreprises

The Club Entreprises concept

The Club Entreprises gathers companies who register one or several of their employees to participate in the adventure by financing at least 50% of the general costs. Before, during and after the rally, the organization puts into the spotlight the companies of the Club Entreprises. Since 2017, 17 companies joined the Club Entreprises. The participants share their experience in a video.

What are the benefits for your company?

"What we do internally reflects on the outside". If you decide to support and encourage your employees in this adventure, you make the choice to communicate in a unique way and it has a great impact on the image of your company internally as well as from outside; and for minimum costs.

You will gather your employees for a noble project by following a solidarity event
You will develop satisfaction through action, new encounters and opening to new realities
You will increase your company's performance by developing the well being of your employees
You will increase the external communication of the company

What does the "visibility" pack include?

The company benefits from high quality tools that will help capitalize thanks to the participation of one or several employees.


  • Digital communication (social media, blogs).
  • Internal communication: presentation inside the company, articles in the Intranet, participating funding with the employees for a charity project.
  • Communication during the rally: logo on the vehicle, outfits, helmets. Mailing of a daily report.
  • After the rally: movie screening, sharing of their experience, interviews.


  • Digital communication (official social media, official website).
  • Internal communication: if the company decides, a member of our staff can come and make a general presentation before and/or after the rally.
  • Communication during the rally: stickers Club Entreprises on the vehicle, mailing of pictures of the team(s), interviews.
  • After the rally: invitation for people representing the company to the official gala organized after the rally.


  • Dedicated Visibility Pack with pictures and videos
  • Weekend in Marrakech for the arrival of the rally and the closing night

What are the conditions to become a member of the Club Entreprises?

In order to be part of the Club Entreprises and benefit from the visibility pack, you need to fulfil the 3 following conditions:

1 - Identify the team(s) that will bear your company's name.
Option 1: you know the team already. They started the initiative to participate in the rally.
Option 2: you don't know the team yet and you need help from our organization members. The employee(s) must be older than 18 years old and hold a valid drivers' licence.

2 - Sponsorship
The company must cover at least 5000€* for the team with one or two employees.
*Taxes: you can add this amount to the publicity costs and thus deduct it from your taxes.

3 - Communicate
The company wishes to communicate about the participation of their employees before during and after the rally and thus to make the most of this opportunity.