The recognized expertise of Désertours

Organization & security during the Trophée Roses des Sables

The Trophée Roses des Sables has been launched thanks to the professional expertise of Désertours who has been organising rallies since the 90s. Their expertise has proven to be efficient during events such as the Raid 4L Trophy, an orienteering race designed for students with more than 1000 vehicles every year in the Moroccan desert. The staff members that follow the Roses and the equipment guarantee maximum security.

Security is the top priority of the organizers so that the participants can enjoy the race peacefully. A team composed of professionals, specialized volunteers and local actors who work together behind the scene in an efficient way, guarantees security.

During the race, there is an extensive technical, medical and media mobilisation. Organized in different areas, members of the organization are available to the participants during the stages and in the bivouacs:

  • le The PC Race is the main security element of the Trophée Roses des Sables. It is the real control tower of the rally, it guarantees a constant monitoring during the stages. The teams are localized on a screen thanks to a special developed software which guarantees an efficient and fast intervention if needed.
  • The 4WD, SSV, quads and motorcycles are equipped with a geolocation device that allows the PC Race to know their exact live position. These technical measures, with the highest satellite technology, guarantee an optimum mobilization when the participants need it thanks to specific types of alerts. In case of any problem, the members of staff who follow the participants in the itinerary can intervene as fast as possible.
  • Mechanics and emergency doctors follow the itinerary to cover any special needs. On board of specific vehicles, they are easily identifiable by the participants.
  • On the other hand, the different vehicles of the Race Directors, the Race Commissioners who monitor the checkpoints and the broom wagons reassure the participants through their active presence along the entire itinerary.
  • We encourage ecological behaviour at all times. The pilots are invited to adapt to the local population and to the beauty of the surroundings: speed limitation, minor impact on the environment, helmets must be worn and local traffic regulations as well as security measures must be respected at all times and will be subject to penalties in case of abuse.
  • In the bivouacs, the participants are welcomed in a typical environment with a traditional and cosy decoration: spacious Berber tents and carpets, typical Moroccan dishes, special toilets and showers, private sleeping areas as well as osteopaths. Everything is organized so that at the end of the day, they can relax and share their experience around the campfire.
  • Moreover, during the stages and in the bivouacs, logistic and technical tools (drivers, press area, Wi-Fi access) are available for the different media teams so they can efficiently broadcast the roses' adventure. Media coverage of the Trophée Roses des Sables is guaranteed by photographs (Flashsport), cameramen, editors (3122 Production), journalists and community managers who cover the entire raid and add content on a daily basis.

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