The Health and Solidarity Team

The concept of the Health and Solidarity Team

Courage. Empathy. Sharing. Sense of solidarity.

These values that we care about are part of any health professional's DNA.
The participants who work in the health field, thanks to their natural empathy and solidarity, always leave a particular memory after their participation to the Trophée Roses des Sables.
That is why, in 2017, we have decided to gather the health professionals in the HEALTH AND SOLIDARITY TEAM, in order to unite their forces to support the solidarity actions of the rally.
They will work together in the field, through different actions organized according the needs that the local « Enfants du Désert » association has identified.

2017 Project: Distribution of hygiene kits (1 kit = 1 toothbrush, 1 tooth paste, 1 soap in a fabric bag) and participation to a hygiene prevention session.
2018 & 2019 Project: Operation "See well to learn well" (financing of glasses for children. 1 appointment with an optician + 1 pair of glasses = 25€). For more info click HERE.
Marine Lorphelin, Miss France 2013 and and intern in medicine, was alongside the Health and Solidarity Team in the field as an ambassador. In 2019, she led a workshop on simple hygiene gestures.

Become a partner: what are the benefits?

Benefits for the company

If you decide to support and encourage health professionals in this adventure, you make the choice to communicate in a unique way which has a great impact on the image of your company internally as well as from outside; and for minimum costs.

You will gather your employees for a noble cause
You will intensify your employees' solidarity spirit by following a solidarity event
You will enhance the external communication of the company
Your team will benefit from the media coverage on a specialized press

Visibility through Désertours

  • Digital communication (official social media, official website).
  • Internal communication: if the company decides, a member of our staff can come and make a general presentation before and/or after the rally.
  • Communication during the rally: stickers Health and Solidarity Team on the vehicle, mailing of pictures of the team(s), interviews.
  • Mediatisation: The media team of the Trophée Roses des Sables will be in charge of the mediatisation of the Team and its partner: press release, photos, videos, stage summaries, press travel. 30 days after the rally a complete summary will be offered to the partner.
  • After the rally: invitation for people representing the company to the official gala organized after the rally.
  • [Optional]
    Weekend in Marrakech for the arrival of the rally and the closing night

What are the admission conditions?

To become a partner of the Health and Solidarity Team and benefit from the visibility pack, it is necessary to complete the following conditions.

1 - Work in the health, medical, social, paramedical, biology, pharmacy fields

2 - Pay the registration fees * (2 possible options)
. Non exclusive partner (max 3 partners)
. Exclusive partner
*Taxes: you can add this amount to the publicity costs and thus deduct it from your taxes.

3 - Communicate
The company wishes to communicate about its partnership for the Health and Solidarity Team before, during and after the rally and thus to capitalize this opportunity.

You wish to receive more information? Contact or fill the contact form.

In order to be part of the Health and Solidarity Team as a participant, each member of the team must be a health professional.